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Distillation equipment for solvent recovery, distillation of solvents

FORMECO solvent distillation equipment is distillation machines that allow the recycling and the reuse of degreasing and washing solvent.  Through use of the solvent distillation machines, they separate the contaminants (resins, polymers, pigments, paints, oils, etc.) from the original solvent. 

The distillation of the solvent is accomplished by a peripheral heating jacket filled with diathermic oil, heated by an electrical element.  This means that during the solvent distillation process, the heating source is never in contact with the solvent being distilled. The solvent vapors are then conveyed to a condenser, cooled by air or water. The distilled solvent is collected in a tank, for its reuse.

For solvent distillation, vacuum systems can be attached to the distillation machine to distill solvent while under a vacuum.  Utilizing vacuum distillation equipment, the boiling point of the solvent is lowered, decreasing the temperature necessary for distillation of the solvent.

Specially designed doctor blades can mix the waste solvent being distilled so that the discharge of the distillation system is a powder or a flake. Without the doctor blades, the solvent distillation machine would reduce the waste to a thick syrup or paste. If you distill to a powder or a flake, often the result is that the discharge can be disposed of as a non-hazardous material.  Obviously, if your distillation waste is a thick syrup, you may have to dispose of it as a hazardous material.  Only the dry waste can pass the T.C.L.P. tests required by the Environmental Protection Agency.

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solvent distillation equipment distillation machine DIstatic solvent distillation equipment are basic distillation machines, without an internal mixing blade or scraper.  This solvent distillation machine allows for the use of the “Rec-Bag” when reclaiming solvents mixed with paint waste.
solvent distillation equipment with scraper distillation machine DYnamic solvent distillation equipment utilize an internal mixing blade inside the distillation machine to stir and help reduce solvents or inks that contain a high content of residue. The mixing action helps to reduce the waste and distill the maximum amount of solvents. 
industrial solvent distillation equipment The Industrial series solvent distillation systems are for larger volumes of solvent output, and can include the mixing blade.  The Industrial solvent distillation equipment usually is water cooled. 
azeotropic distillation equipment Azeotropic vacuum distillation is one of the most common processes to treat thermolabile solvents, not mixable in water, polluted by liquid contaminants.  The process consists of a "soft" vacuum distillation for about 70-80% of the polluted solvent. Later on, the concentrated residues present inside the boiler will be treated by a flow of steam which strips the residue part of solvent still present, at a working temperature more than 20% under the critical temperature which causes acidification.

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